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Lumber & Panel

Premium supplier to the lumber and panel industry

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Image of Ink Jet Grade Marking on lumber by Samuel

Samuel Coding & Labeling Division has been entrenched in the forestry industry since our early beginnings in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Our largest core competencies focus on Lumber and Panel and other specializations within the forestry industry.

Samuel Coding & Labeling Division provides unparalleled industry experience in integrated printing and labeling systems for the lumber and forestry industry. From ink jet systems to bar code applicators, we offer rugged custom equipment and specialized software that can suit your specific needs to apply durable and legible print.

Printing & labeling on wood: Our Specialty!

Take a quick look at how easy it is to set up a printing operation for lumber or wood. See Samuel Coding & Labeling Division's Forestry Overview pdf.

Contact our Lumber and Panel experts

Contact the Samuel Coding & Labeling Division to discuss cost-effective systems for printing on wood panels, pallets, lumber and more.

Ink Jet Panel Printing

Customizable to meet your requirements using the most appropriate and cost effective printhead technology, our proven solutions for non-contact marking on plywood and OSB are designed for simple maintenance and clean operation and are able to print dots, text, date/time, lot #, or graphics information.

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PANEL PRINTING PHOTO GALLERY of past applications by Samuel Coding & Labeling

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PANEL PRINTING VIDEO DEMOS on YouTube by Samuel Coding & Labeling

Ink Jet Stencil System

Samuel’s non-contact ink jet stencil systems are the industry leaders, allowing mills to completely eliminate the use of stencils. Our application is absolutely clean with no overspray, no fumes, and no additional venting required. With Samuel solid state print heads, you can print any logo and text in up to three unique colours. Print variable information such as, time/date/shift, serialized numbering of packages, marketing information, number of pieces per package and more using this versatile system.

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STENCIL SYSTEM PHOTO GALLERY of past applications by Samuel Coding & Labeling

Video gallery icon_for stencilSTENCIL SYSTEM VIDEO DEMOS on YouTube by Samuel Coding & Labeling

Ink Jet Grade Marking

With proven ink jet grade marking solutions on dimension mills, stud mills and panel mills, Samuel has been building fully automatic ink jet grade marking systems since 1990. Able to print unique information on individual boards at over 300 boards per minute, our solutions boast numerous additional options such as: zero downtime printing, grade mark quality scanning systems, graders initials, time and date information, marketing information, unique board ID, and much more.

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INK JET MARKING PHOTO GALLERY of past applications by Samuel Coding & Labeling

Bar Code Printing and Scanning

Building fully automatic systems since 1990, Samuel’s bar code printing and scanning solutions offer the ability to print and apply labels, with unique information for each board, at over 200 boards per minute. Our non-contact application offers high label placement accuracy as well as secure label adhesion, with a confirmation of application and print details on each board.

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AUTOMATIC BAR CODING VIDEO DEMOS on YouTube by Samuel Coding & Labeling

Package Tag Stapling

Fully automate tag stapling and configure it to your needs on lumber, panel or plywood. Numerous high-efficiency machines are available to meet your demands.

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PACKAGE TAG STAPLING VIDEO DEMOS on YouTube by Samuel Coding & Labeling
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